Late night

It’s 3:00 in the morning. This is ridiculous! I should be asleep! I woke up to find that Chipmunk had crawled in to bed beside me. I look at her sweet face, and thoughts are rushing into my mind that I just need to record.  My heart is hurting as I look at her. Last night she snuck downstairs after she should have been asleep, saying she was scared and asking if I could say a prayer with her before she went back to bed. (How am I supposed to say no to that?) She cuddled into my lap, and […]

Zebra Black and White

Who Knew? I’m a Zebra!

  Yes! You heard me right! I’ve come to a realization that my entire life I have, in fact, been a zebra. Not only that, at least two of my children are also zebras. Chipmunk for sure is, although I’m waiting for verification, and Tidbit, oh she’ll be one too, almost certainly. Tigger? Well, the verdict is still out there. The current evidence says probably not, although she has a few traits, so it could be. I also believe my mother is of the striped persuasion, although we haven’t really been able to talk about it much. It’s not really […]